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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rooftop Run Hack v.1.0.0+

Kwiecień 18, 2013 | Hacks, Home Page, IOS | 8 comments

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We are really pleased to present Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rooftop Run Hack v.1.0.0+. This tool is a respond on hundreds of request by our community. You are looking for software that allows you to get unlimited coins? If that is the case our program is exactly what you need. It is really easy to use for anyone and it takes only a couple of minutes to get it done.


How it works:

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For the first time ever, you can play as Leo, Donnie, Raph, and Mikey in this action packed combat runner. Run, jump, and fight your way across rooftops as you rid New York of evil, once and for all. 

Collect energy orbs to unlock exclusive weapons, gear, and boosts that will keep you one step ahead of the Kraang ship. One-touch controls combine with ninja moves and shell shocking battles for an epic gaming experience. BOOYAKASHA!

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: Rooftop Run charges real money for additional in-app content. You may lock out the ability to purchase in-app content by adjusting your device settings.

✔Battle hordes of enemies including the Foot Clan, Kraang, and Dimension X 
✔Activate Turtle Time to fight up close in a slow-motion combat sequence
✔Outfit the Turtles in exclusive Cyber and Stealth gear
✔Upgrade with weapons, gadgets, and boosts like the Laserbot and Turtle Saver
✔Unlock and play as the Turtles’ formidable canine foe Dogpound
✔Earn rewards from the pizza time mini-game

Keep your eyes peeled for some shell-shocked updates.

iOS will keep you logged on for 15 minutes after an initial in-app purchase. Additional purchases won’t require a re-entry of your password during this 15-minute interval. This is a function of the iOS software and not within our control.

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES: Rooftop Run collects personal user data as well as non-personal user data (including aggregated data), and offer in-app purchases. User data collection is in accordance with applicable law, such as COPPA. User data may be used, for example, to respond to user requests; enable users to take advantage of certain features and services; personalize content and advertising; and manage and improve Nickelodeon’s services. For more information regarding Nickelodeon’s use of personal user data, please visit the Nickelodeon Group Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy is in addition to any terms, conditions or policies agreed to between you and Apple, Inc., and Nickelodeon and its affiliated entities are not responsible for Apple’s collection or use of your personal user data and information. Use of this app is subject to the Nickelodeon End User License Agreement.



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rooftop Run Hack details:

  • version: 1.0.0+
  • Operating system:  iOS
  • Anti-Ban Protection: Yes
  • Undetectable Script: Yes


How to download:

1.      Click one of the given Download mirrors

2.      You will be redicted to a file hosting page

3.      Click Download now

4.      Complete one of the surveys correctly

5.      The file will now download on your computer


How to use:

1. Download rar. from MIRROR 1 or MIRROR 2

2. Extract rar.

3. Open a „teenage_mutant_ninja_turtles_rooftop_run_hack_v.1.0.0+.exe”.

4. Connect your iOS or Android device to computer using USB.

5.  Select your device (iOS)

6.  Click the „Detect Device” button.

7.  Wait until hack detects the device and the game.

8.  Enter the ammount of resources you want to add.

9. Click „HACK” and wait a few seconds.

10. Restart the game.

11. You are DONE! Go and have fun with it!





If you have any questions feel free to ask!



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  1. Etna says: Kwiecień 19, 2013

    You are the best!!!

  2. lala says: Kwiecień 19, 2013

    the hack works, worth a try!

  3. Riko says: Kwiecień 19, 2013

    thank for honesty, there are so many scams out there ;)

  4. soil says: Kwiecień 19, 2013


  5. omia says: Kwiecień 20, 2013

    had some doubts at first but it was worth it :)

  6. popli says: Kwiecień 20, 2013


  7. oji says: Kwiecień 20, 2013

    hahah i got TONS of coins now ;) thanks

  8. mix says: Kwiecień 20, 2013

    i m happy that i found this site! ;>


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