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How to download

Step by step how to properly download files placed on


1. Select Mirror1 or Mirror2.

2. You will be redicted to a file hosting page

3.  Click Download now

4. A window with a list of surveys will pop out. The most common is 5 listings.

5. This survey usually requires registration so you need to provide a phone number, (the verification of Google). (CODE in return)

6. Note: The system checks the credibility. It is necessary to fill in the questionnaire correctly: The Correct number, e-mail etc.

7. Care of our service, we provide the files to people who want to get to the truth.

8. This is the end , the survey is done properly. You can start the Download!


Surveys finished but could not download the file , what to do?

1. The First thing you need to do is clear all your cookies in browser.

2. If it doesn’t help try using a different browser (Recommend Google Chrome / Mozilla FireFox )

3. If you are making an SMS offer , change the phone number.

4. Make sure you enter the data correctly.

5. Try another survey, often helps.


Try a new site

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